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The Domain Barn is a very different domain listing service.  What makes us different?  
We actually get traffic!  This is how it happens: 
1.  We buy keywords at search engines.
2.  We buy strategic banner placements at strategic websites.
3.  We commonly buy banner advertising from different banner exchanges.
4.  We will be buying advertising in strategic email newsletters (ezines.)
5.  We promote The Domain Barn at our other websites-,, and  These websites draw in people and advertise The Domain Barn through banner ads or links.   These sites give The Domain Barn thousands of banner and link  impressions each day!
6.  We buy links on great sites.

The Domain Barn has spent thousands of dollars in advertising!  How many other brokerages can say that?
8.  We will do anything else to increase awareness that your domain is for sale!
Here are our prices.  $10 for one month, $18 for two months, $25 for 3 months for each domain listed.  100% of all money collected from submissions will go toward site promotion.  That lets people know your domain name is for sale!  

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*Prices to list your domain are subject to change.  The Domain Barn makes no guarantee that your domain will sell as we can not accept responsibility for the domain's asking price or perceived value.  No refunds will be made after your domains have been published on our site.  The use of CAPITAL letters on the domains for sale list is up to The Domain Barn's sole discretion.  To qualify as a website for sale you must have actual content and multiple sections to your site and not just a webpage (a webpage does not make a website), qualifying as a website will be at The Domain Barn's sole discretion.  If you have questions regarding this disclaimer, email us before submitting to us.

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